Upstanders Fest


Upstanders Fest is a social justice extravaganza, shining a light on the bravery and brilliance of changemakers in our midst. It’s time to activate caring to make our city a better place and enjoy ourselves in the process.

  • Make art and build power with like minded locals.

  • Articulate hopes and dreams to discover the role you play in 'Being the Change'.

  • Try hands on activities and games to encourage equity and creativity.

  • Enjoy a woke & fun filled day of discussions, spoken word, music and media. workshops, zine making and more to support causes you choose.

  • Advocate for social movements alongside neighbors and make future friends


Upstander! Love Letters is a media education project shining a light on the bravery and brilliance of new leaders in the movement, while channeling the inner activist spirit of us all. Write letters to local leaders, future selves and modern movement builders. Learn about everyday people at the forefront of championing change, promoting tolerance and advancing humanity. Make art and build power with a healthy curiosity, understanding activists and their practice.

This interactive social program allows participants to engage with one another around the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Facilitated by educators, teens will reflect on their feelings about the martyrs of the movement, learn about the impact of #BlackLivesMatter activists, and engage in dialogue and guided art making, through these activities teens will channel their hope and dreams into a community-building framework. The project challenges teens to articulate their hopes and dreams for the future, while honoring the intention, process and performance of activists working to protect the personhood of people of color across the African diaspora.

The educational aspects of the program will touch on issues of contemporary public history, social justice, and social activism. This program fits within American Studies, Social Studies, Contemporary American History, Race & Urban Studies, Equity & Gender Studies and Character Building among other academic concentration. The art project is the construction of dream catchers, and written letters, both of which will help to facilitate a dialogue concerning social justice, student’s futures, and their dreams for themselves and their communities.

This project will empower youth to see themselves as movement builders, organizers and future activists. Activist Love Letters is a forum to introduce teens to the behind the scenes work of activists, guide learning on demonstrations, direct actions and other forms of resistance.